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We understand that engaging an external company can be a big decision.

Marketing your business is one of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of being in business. Delivering your message to your audience in the correct manner and tone is critical for your performance and with the number of channels available to you it is hard to know where to start and then easy to lose focus.

And yet, In it’s simplest form marketing is a simple process of explaining why a person or company (audience) would want your product or service (need), what it can do for them (value) and then what you want in return (cost) Client’s requirements differ but we try to keep our approach the same, getting an understanding of your current position in the market and then how we can help you get to where you want to be is at the heart of everything.

We take a simple approach to identifying your marketing strategy before selecting the most effective marketing tactics for your scenario and implementing them with creativity and a focus on actual performance.

We concentrate on setting a brand strategy focussed on building brand equity both within your company and stakeholders and also externally with current and prospective customers. We then identify your competitive position so we all understand what position you occupy within your market(s) and can create an engaging message, you may even want your marketing to change the position you occupy. With this in mind we can then evaluate your current distribution channels and how adopting potential new ones will impact on other areas of your business.

Depending on your current situation this strategic element of marketing could be completed quickly or need to be addressed in greater detail but without a clear understanding of this it is hard to create a marketing plan that will meet your requirements and hit the targets set. From the marketing plan we will then identify campaigns and tactics that are suitable for your scenario before executing the agreed marketing campaigns.

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